Margaret Conquest

Director of Programs

Margaret sets the overall direction for Alberta CP Sports and does her best to make it happen with the help and guidance of great partners, staff, athletes and volunteers. Her favorite part of the job is seeing people become athletes who have never imagined themselves as having the capability to even be active let alone become a dedicated athlete. She is an avid hand cyclist and loves to be active when time and health cooperates! She enjoys trying out anything that can be adapted like scuba, rock climbing, swimming, and paddling. In the winter though, you can count on her escaping the cold and enjoying the sun in her second home in Palm Desert, California. 

RANDOM FUN FACT: Her cousin, Leigh-Anne Csuhany, was briefly married to Kelsey Grammer (Cheers and Frazier).

Adriana Guzman

Provincial Coordinator

Adriana joined ACPSA as a sport coordinator in the fall of 2017, having graduated from the Phys. Ed faculty at the University of Alberta in the spring. She will be making sure our tournaments, events, and programs throughout the province run smoothly! Her passion is sports, wanting to try everything since she was very little. Soccer has stuck throughout the years making it her number one sport. Still, she will never turn down a chance to play any sports. Now in the adapted area she enjoys learning about all the different adapted activities and meeting all the participants. 

RANDOM FUN FACT: Her two major weaknesses are cinnamon buns and dogs.



Cyla Schoneck

Sports Coordinator

Cyla grew up using a power wheelchair but that hasn't stopped her from becoming ACPSA's all-star! Aside from helping the organization with her expertise in graphic design and digital media, she is also a loyal member participating in both boccia and power soccer! This makes her a valuable asset to our team, providing us with important feedback to further improve our programs. She loves learning new things and challenging herself, so much that she is taking on some coaching duties with us! All her motivation is part of her plan to make it to high level competitions like the World Cup or the Paralympics, for soccer and boccia respectively.

RANDOM FUN FACT: Raised in the small town of Gull Lake, Saskatchewan, she is the only person using a chair to have ever lived there.


Arden Pang

Activity Coordinator

Arden is the provincial activity coordinator for Boccia with ACPSA. She started out with coaching Boccia in 2013 as a volunteer and began helping to develop the sport in the province as a staff member shortly afterwards. She still remembers the days when the program started with just one participant! The things that she loves most about Boccia is the ability for it to be fun and adapted to individuals of a variety of skill levels and the amount of strategy necessary to excel at the sport. She's currently a student at the U of A studying Physical Therapy and it is a goal of hers to become a classifier for Boccia one day. 

RANDOM FUN FACT: Arden and her mom have a small company that makes handmade bow ties and collars for dogs and cats.