Provincial Team Eligibility

ACPSA, as the sanctioning body for boccia in Alberta, sets the parameters under which a boccia athlete may compete as a member of the provincial boccia team. We are also a member of Canadian Cerebral Palsy Sports Association (CCPSA), the national body that sanctions our events, sanctions national events, selects athletes to the national team and sends these players off to out of country competitions, including world cups, para pan american games, and the paralympic games.

Our goal is to promote grass roots participation, a dynamic training environment, offer competitive opportunities, and foster excellence for the individual, the province and the country. The basic requirements that must be met to qualify  as a member of ACPSA's provincial team include:

  1. A membership in good standing with ACPSA.
  2. Demonstration of commitment to training, via recommendation from a coach. This is typically easiest to achieve by regular attendance at the training sessions we offer. However, you can certainly train on your own and have another certified boccia coach observe you regularly and write a recommendation to us
  3. Participation in the sport of boccia for at least one year
  4. Attendance at ACPSA's Provincial Boccia Championships, regardless of location
  5. Participation in local competitions and other in-province games*
  6. Contribution of at least 8 hours of volunteer time per year, including at least one shift at our semi-annual casino
  7. Adherance to the Athlete Code of Conduct, found on our website
  8. Is not currently prohibited from competing locally, provincially or nationally due to disciplinary sanctions (i.e.,  banned due to sexual harassment; use of banned substances)

*We really are still in infancy regarding the offering of competitive opportunities in Alberta, and are working to change that. We are working toward having scrimmages played at least once a month, and to have at least one mid-year competition besides the Provincial Championship.

Qualifying for the team does not entitle anyone to be on it. It means you are now eligible to be considered in comparison to your fellow athletes achieving the same basic standards. In addition to "winning" competitions, athletes must demonstrate sportsmanlike behaviour and be seen to be promoting the sport, supporting fellow athletes and acting as a steward of ACPSA overall. 

In order to ensure you have the best opportunity to compete at the highest level, building a well rounded set of competitive skills in a group training setting is the best staring point. It is the best way to prepare to compete against unknown entities in other cities, provinces and countries.

Once the above criteria have been met, athletes may then be named to the Provincial Travel Team and sent by us to compete at the CCPSA National Championships.

Powerchair Soccer
Provincial Team Eligibility

To be eligible for Team Alberta selection, and to receive financial support, athletes must:

  • Adhere to the Athlete Code of Conduct
  • Be an up to date member in good standing with ACPSA
  • Demonstrate minimum 75% attendance at local practices and in province games 
  • Attend at least one local Development Camp or Clinic/year (if a camp or clinic is not offered in a year, this requirement is exempted). 
  • 8 hours/year of volunteer work for ACPSA. This can include the ACPSA Casino in a casino year, Please see “Member Volunteer Positions” section for a listing of potential volunteer roles. 

Once selected to Team Alberta, athletes must:

  • Adhere to the Athlete Code of Conduct
  • Maintain an up to date membership in good standing with ACPSA
  • Demonstrate minimum 75% attendance of Team Alberta specific training sessions and clinics