Alberta Power Soccer Players Attend Training Camp in Minnesota

My name is Josh Taylor and I'm a C-5 six quadriplegic. I've been playing power chair soccer for two years. 

On July 31, 2016 Kiley Geddie and I attended a 4 day Power Soccer Training Camp at Camp Courage in Minnesota. There were 35 campers from all over the United States, Canada and Denmark! It was really fun to meet a bunch of people with 2-6 years experience with soccer and who share a real passion for the sport. 

We received a lot of offers to come play in different parts of the states! There were several players there who were trying out for team USA and they served as mentors/group leaders. It was interesting to see just how much skill these guys had and how much time they dedicated to practice.

The camp itself was all about soccer and we had plenty of opportunities to practice and play. We would practice from 9:15am-12pm, and then again from 1:15-5pm. If we weren't tired out after supper, there were pick up games from 6:30 until bedtime as well. 

I think we learned a lot, and are looking forward to another season of soccer here in Edmonton!

Written by Josh Taylor


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