NAIT Mechanical Engineering Technology Students Design New Power Soccer Footguards For Their Capstone Project!

We partnered with NAIT Mechanical Engineering Technology students to design new power soccer footguards for our players and we couldn't have asked for a more incredible team to work with! Over a semester, these 4 students worked with our coaches and players to help us solve the problem of expensive footguards that must be imported from the United States.

The plastic guards that we usually buy for new players are often far too easy to break and also limit the ability of players to play at their greatest potential. The newly designed guards are made to be cost effective, durable, and adjustable so that they will fit a variety of different power chairs.

They created drawings that can be immediately sent in to a machine shop, and even contacted contractors and shops to perform a cost analysis to give us recommendations. We're so excited to get these manufactured and give our new players at edge.

A huge thank you to Kenna Bell, Luke Stewart, Tyler de Milliano, and Clay LaRocque for all of your hard work!

Arden PangComment